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My name is Joe, I left school and through college became a carpenter. The college found me a very nice Kitchen Fitter who took me along for a few years, and I developed all the skills needed to become a very good kitchen fitter. For a while, I installed kitchens for many local and national companies. I was always busy, I seemed to have what most customers wanted, a fitter that turns up on time, nice and early, works a full day and keeps everyones house clean inside and out.

It was not difficult, but apparently many fitters are the opposite. Soon, I was very busy, so I took on a couple more fitters and trained them in my ways, which everyone seemed to like. We then took on work installing replacement doors and worktops on to old kitchens to make them look like new.

We really enjoyed this, until we realised what the customers were being charged. It was outrageous, the customers were being overcharged, not just by one or two companies, but by the majority.They had sales managers, then salesmen who couldn’t measure your doors, so they also had surveyors, with cars and expenses, so their cost went up and up.  I decided we could no longer accept this work, and decided to start our own, local business doing a great job, but for what I feel is the correct price.

I am told we are around 35% less expensive than local franchises and less than half the price of the larger, national brands. We have a huge choice of styles and colours, we can also supply any new appliances like a sink or new hob.

You will not see any discounts on the website, but believe me, we are very much less expensive than any other quote you will receive.

Please call me now for a free itemised quote, no salesman, no pressure selling.



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